Buy any building material, fixtures & fittings, tools & equipment and pay later in instalments, up to 60 months (5 years). No Upfront Fees - Repayment only starts AFTER delivery your order. This service currently only available anywhere in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & Environs, and strictly for Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector), Owners of Registered Businesses and Registered Businesses itself.



You pre-qualify at NO UPFRONT FEE OR COST, by meeting our requirements (Proof of Permanent Employment & Regular Monthly Income above GHS1,500). You don't pay a dime UNTIL, we have delivered your goods. Only a minimum of 25% of the total price of the face value is due AFTER we have delivered your building materials or supplies - the rest can be spread up to 60 months for you at competitive interest rates (Up to 30% p.a.)


We offer two (2) credit facilities:

- Buy Now Pay Later to Salaried Workers & Registered Business Owners, and

- Supplier's Credit to Retailers & Wholesalers of Building Materials & Supplies



The Builder's Choice (TBC) Ghana is currently an online-only retailer & wholesaler of building materials & supplies at NO UPFRONT FEES OR PAYMENT - guaranteeing a safe, convenient and secured platform for our qualified customers.

• No Upfront Fees

You don't pay a dime until we deliver your ordered goods.


• Flexible Repayment Plans

Opportunity for you to get all the building materials & supplies you need to complete your project and move-in to save on rent (or for commercial projects to start being used) and repay over a period not exceeding 60 months (5 years).




A. Buy Now Pay Later

This credit facility is strictly for Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector) and Owners of Registered Businesses.



B. Supplier's Credit

• Retailers & Wholesalers


Important Notice

Just like any kind of asset-based lending, all loans tied to your purchase of building materials from us are secured against your project and if you refuse to repay, we have legal rights to sell off your project or property to recoup our investments, but of course not until we have exhaustive our built-in repayment assistance programme that helps genuinely financially struggling clients to repay.




You cannot use this service for any Government of Ghana projects.

Additionally, you cannot use this service if you don't own land and you don't possess a valid building permit (Retailers & Wholesales don't need to have a litigation-free land and/or building permit).



Depending on your qualifying category, you can click on the link below applicable to you to apply online at No Upfront Fees:

 Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector)

Registered Business Owners & Registered Businesses

Contractors & Subcontractors

Retailers & Wholesales of Building Materials & Supplies


Login details will only be provided to prospective customers who meet our Proof of Permanent Employment and/or Regular Income Requirements, in order to Possessing a Litigation-free Land and/or Valid Building Permit (where applicable).