The Builder's Choice (TBC) is currently an Online-Only Store for Building Materials & Supplies that charges NO UPFRONT FEES OR PAYMENT.



Our services are targeted at Regular Monthly Income Earners, as our default payment option is Buy Now Pay Later (even if you want to pay full amount at delivery). This is meant to remove any buyer apprehension with using our risk-free services and not falling prey to fraudsters and/or bad actors alike.



All the Building materials & supplies in our online store are already available in the marketplace and touching to feel is not necessary as we have free return policy, and besides no customer pays any upfront fees. 

What you see listed on our platform is exactly what you get.



Valid login details are only provided to qualified customers who pre-qualify by submitting their proof of permanent employment and/or regular monthly income above GHS1,500.

Once we approve your Credit Account Application, we would email you your default login details, to enable you sign-in to start shopping rightaway.